The Trust Pharmacy network is formed by a number of online medications stores which have the same products and the same information. Simply defined, what we are referring to as a pharmacy network is just a collection of websites which have the same look but have varying web addresses. Companies such as the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd which runs the Trust Pharmacy network want to have more customers engaging their store. This is why they put up numerous websites with different web address but the same content.

For users who are new to shopping for meds on the web, seeing different websites which have the same look on different web address may be a very confusing experience. However, as long as you are dealing with a genuine pharmacy network such as Trust Pharmacy, you have no need to be alarmed. The only thing you have to be careful about is a large number of online stores which are being run by scammers and have duplicated the look that Trust Pharmacy sites have. You will never know you are on a fake site when you land on one. Therefore, be careful when choosing web addresses to use.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

To confirm that the Trust Pharmacy sites have been offering great services to their customers, we searched for any good reviews or complaints that might be available on the web. Fortunately, for this web drugstore network, there were zero complaints. All the comments we came across were overly positive. To prove this, we have some of them below:

Feedback for the Trust Pharmacy Network

For people who are ordering their meds from a drugstore that is thousands of miles away, getting these meds on time is a priority for them. Shipping is very speedy as the first reviewer has confirmed. He got a daily update on the progress of the shipment until he received his package. He has been using the Trust Pharmacy network for years and he is not quitting on them. He indicates that the network is both honest and great.

The customer support department is selfless and courteous. This is what the second reviewer is confirming. They delivered her product without delay. Piter is also pleased with the speed at which the shipment took place. He is planning to source another order from the Trust Pharmacy network very soon.

Trust Pharmacy Online

You will have the ability to spot Trust Pharmacy shops. All of the spot a template composed of three major colors. These colors include maroon, gray, and dirty white. Each one of these stores will have a title that reads “Trust Pharmacy”. This makes them hard to miss mostly due to the huge title placed on the top-left of the website page.

All the stores have the same beginning of their operation. The stores were incepted back in 2001. They there are older than the typical drugstore you will find online nowadays. Their being old is actually a good thing. It shows that they know what they are doing online. Therefore, they will handle all your queries pretty quickly and do this professionally.

Trust Pharmacy Home

Consumers who land on any one of the Trust Pharmacy sites are usually happy to find out that the stores have the ability to cover all their needs. The stores have numerous kinds of meds which are intended for treating a large number of different medical conditions. Some of the meds you will find include erectile dysfunction meds, fertility meds, diabetes meds, hypertension meds, heart drugs, digestive disorder medications, and many more.

This pharmacy network makes it clear that their customers are allowed to check out all the meds available without having to send in their prescriptions. However, patients are advised to check with someone with human health knowledge before they can start using meds they have never used before. Shipping is inexpensive. The Airmail shipping will cost you only $9.95. This shipping usually takes about 2 to 3 business weeks. Therefore, if you need to have your meds reach you faster, you can use the EMS option which is a little bit expensive. EMS will cost you $19.95.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Although we could not spot coupon codes for the Trust Pharmacy network, there are other deals available. One of them is the free shipping you get when your meds have a value that exceeds 200 dollars:

Trust Pharmacy Free Shipping

Also, when your meds have a price higher than 200 dollars, you become eligible for a 10% discount that would get applied automatically to your total cost in the shopping cart. Free pills are also given to buyers. You will get to choose whether you want Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra to be included in your order.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

The numbers offered by the Trust Pharmacy network to their customers are as follows:

  • In the UK +4420-3239-7092
  • In the USA +1-718-487-9792

Also, buyers can reach this pharmacy network through their email. To do this, you will need to use the messaging integration available on the online pharmacy network contact page.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Most pharmacy networks are notorious for using spam calls and emails to try and get their previous customers to buy from them again. This is not the case with Trust Pharmacy network. This is quite commendable given that the pharmacy network has been offering services since 2001. The pharmacy did not yield any negative user comments.


Trust Pharmacy is one network store that has impressed us due to the awesome products, nice reviews, and positive consumer comments that they have. It was quite surprising to us when we found that despite the pharmacy network being in business for a period that exceeds 15 years, they still did not have any negative comments. The worst comments that we came across were from the customers who said that their packages had been delayed. These were replaced or refunded. To be clear here, the comments about delayed delivery were very few. We rate Trust Pharmacy 5 stars.

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