The online place for finding medications of great quality but with modest prices is Secure Tabs. It is a pharmacy network that offers great savings to all, selling medications for prices which are 90% cheaper than the ones sold at the local drugstores. By offering savings of this magnitude to its customers, Secure Tabs enables them to get the most value out of their money. Not only will the buyers be able to keep the most part of their money for their other needs but they’ll also be able to buy enough supply of their needed medication for their use. The value of their money is far greater at Secure Tabs because every cent counts. A few cents of their money is still good for buying their medicines unlike at local pharmacies where even a hundred dollars is only good for a few pills of their prescription drug.

As for the selection of drugs that Secure Tabs has, customers will find almost all of the medicines that they will ever need. The range of their pharmaceutical products is almost as large as what the local drugstores have only that they don’t sell federally-controlled substances which requires special permissions before they can be obtained by the customers. Nevertheless, all the other medicines are available here and buyers don’t have to spend a lot of money just to buy them. Prescriptions are not even needed in buying prescription drugs which makes the process of ordering a lot faster.

SecureTabs Reviews

The orders at Secure Tabs is shipped via two options that the customers can choose from. The first one is the standard airmail while the other one is the express mail service. Standard airmail requires at least 2 weeks before the orders are shipped depending on the location of the customer. The express mail service is only available at selected areas but its delivery timeframe would only take 3 to 8 days. Based on the review that Barbara from Sweden has given, her orders came sooner than what she has expected. This will lead us to believe that the option that was availed by Barbara was the express mail service since her orders arrived very quick, possibly the same week as she had ordered them. She says that she’s 100% satisfied with this experience that she had with Secure Tabs.

Secure Tabs User Reviews
Secure Tabs User Reviews

The quick and very helpful customer service of Secure Tabs is what Jacob from France is thankful for. As he was making his orders online, he encountered a problem where for some reasons, he was unable to get his orders processed. Needing help, he decided to contact the customer service department of Secure Tabs to ask for assistance and he was not disappointed. His orders got processed in no time and his concern got dealt with efficiently. Jacob also got a speedy delivery for his orders to his satisfaction.

Alex, on the other hand, likes Secure Tabs because of the constant updates that he has been receiving from its customer service department concerning the medicines that he has ordered. He received updates from the customer representatives up until his orders have finally arrived which gave him assurance and peace of mind. Like the previous reviews, Alex also mentions that he received his orders fast, arriving before his expected date. The great selection that Secure Tabs has is also appreciated by Alex as all that he needs is there when he needed them.

Mark is a customer from Germany who proves the reliability of Secure Tabs because even after ordering from France twice, he has successfully received his orders. He only had to wait 10 days before receiving his orders which is pretty fast since the orders never encountered any problems with the customs. The quality of the medicines that he received is also good, effective for the health condition that he used it for.

SecureTabs Online

Since Secure Tabs is a large pharmacy network, it has many other pharmacy domains that operate under it. These are replica sites but they are associated with Secure Tabs to bring larger number of customers to its site.

Secure Tabs Pharmacy Domain
Secure Tabs Pharmacy Domain

But whichever pharmacy network site that they choose to order from, it would still be the same Secure Tabs server that will be processing all of their purchases and payments since all of these sites are linked together as one.

Another Secure Tabs Pharmacy
Another Secure Tabs Pharmacy

SecureTabs Coupon Codes

The good news to customers that will be buying their medicines at Secure Tabs is they can get their orders shipped free of any shipping charges.

Secure Tabs Free Shipping
Secure Tabs Free Shipping

Buyers simply have to get the total amount of their purchases to over $200 USD and their orders will be entitled to free standard airmail delivery. If they get their orders to total to over $300 USD in amount, Secure Tabs will be sending their medicines via express mail service (EMS) without any shipping charges. A 10% discount is also available to all buyers who will be able to make large purchases at Secure Tabs, an offer that customers should grab while it lasts.

SecureTabs Phone Numbers

Since it is inevitable that some customers are still going to need assistance with something as they shop at Secure Tabs, it has made customer service hotlines available to be contacted by buyers that will be needing help. These hotlines are +1 718 487 9792 and +4420 3239 7092. The customer service personnel of Secure Tabs are always on the other end of the line 24/7 waiting for callers to assist.

SecureTabs Spam and Phone Calls

The purpose of Secure Tabs in asking for the phone numbers and the emails of their customers is not for them to send spam emails or to make voluntary phone calls but only to use them for verification purposes. Secure Tabs would never establish any form of contact with their clients without their consent as it respects the privacy of its customers.


Secure Tabs is the online destination not only for those who are looking to save money but also to those who are seeking for a reliable source for high-quality medicines. It has a large network of pharmacy domains which makes it easier to find. Reviews for it are superb, a testament to its good service. Bonuses are also up for grabs to all which are additional benefits that they can get for free. The rating of Secure Tabs is 5 out of 5 and customers can visit our top recommended providers for more.

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