is an online resource of drug information and pharmacy reviews on the internet. The site does not sell drugs online but provides essential drug information like the drug’s indication, mechanism of action, side effects, special precautions, and contraindications. All the information provided on this website is meant to guide health care professionals in providing optimum care to the patient. does not intend to sell or endorse drugs, diagnose patients, or recommend a medication therapy. Some of the diseases covered by the site are addiction, ADHD, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, Angina, Arthritis, Asthma, Bacterial infection, Birth Control, Blood Disorder, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive System, Ear infections, Erectile Dysfunction, Eye disease, fever, Glaucoma, Heart Diseases, Hormones, Infectious Diseases, Joint Pain, Kidney Stones, Lung Cancer, Lung Diseases, Mental Health and Depression, Mouth Diseases, Neurological disorders, pain relievers, Cholesterol lowering agents, skin diseases, supplements, Urinary Tract Infection, Weight loss aids, and women’s health. Some of the top drugs reviews searched from the site are Ativan, Bupropion, Carisoprodol, Citalopram, Diazepam, Fioricet, Hydrocodone, Levitra, Lorazepam, Meridia, Orlistat, Paxil, Propecia, Sibutramine, Sildenafil, Soma, Tadalafil, Tramadol, Ultram, Xanax, Xenical, Zolpidem, Ambien, Clonazepam, Valium, Cialis, Fluoxetine, Phentermine, Adipex, Alprazolam, Amoxicillin, Viagra, Wellbutrin, Methamphetamine, Acyclovir, Atorvastatin, Lipitor, Lortab, Sertraline, and Valacyclovir.

Since is not an online vendor of medicines, there is no information that we could find about the payment options, shipping methods, and shipping charges.

If you wish to contact the administration of Pharmacy and Drugs, you may leave a message through their e-mail ticket on the website. The team commits to reply promptly to every message they received from the readers. Reviews

There are no online reviews noted for Pharmacy and Drugs. I think it is hard to find testimonials for this website since this is a source of drug information and not an online vendor. Readers just need to verify if the drug information provided by the website is accurate or not. Reviews 2016

Since Pharmacy and Drugs are not an online seller, we used and to gather data about the safety and reliability of the information provided by the website. However, results were contradicting. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Although not all results were consistent, gave a high trust rating for Pharmacy and Drugs. The domain of the shop has been running for 11 years and 89 days. The country of origin is from Poland but pharmacy-and-drugs website location is in Canada. It has classified this website as a Rogue Pharmacy. It is a bit confusing to give such classification to the website because it is not an online pharmacy. It just deals with vital information about a certain drug that would aid a consumer before buying a medicine. Safety Level Safety Level

On the other hand, doesn’t recommend browsing the website used by Pharmacy and Drugs. According to the data gathered, the website doesn’t own an SSL certificate. Hence, the data that we put on the website might be compromised. There is not much personal information that we need to share on the website, though. As I’ve said, this is not an online seller of drugs, so there is no transaction that would entail sharing a customer’s information. Moreover, the website doesn’t have too many visitors and it doesn’t have trust records. This gives a conclusion from that Pharmacy and Drugs might be a new website. Coupon Codes

As expected, there are no visible discount coupons available at Pharmacy and Drugs. The website is not an income generating site so there are nothing offered for discount coupons that we could expect from this service. However, since customers are very visual persons, the website needs to think of ways to gain popularity and many visitors from their website. Probably, they could think of giving away special rewards for the first 50 visitors of the website who would sign up for the newsletter, etc. This is a good marketing strategy if they went to gain popularity especially that they are not an online seller and they just want people to use their site as a tool to gather drug information.

Conclusion is an online resource of drug information. The website has been running for almost 11 years. Viewers may look for various information about several drugs from the site including the mechanism of action, indication, dosage and strength, side effects and adverse effects, special precautions, contraindications, and drug reviews. This is not an online seller of pharmaceuticals so there is not much information about Pharmacy and Drugs that we could gather and share.

I am giving Pharmacy and Drugs 3 out of 5 stars rating because of its online reputation. It has been named as a Rogue e-Pharmacy and browsing the website is unsafe. Similarly, it doesn’t own an SSL certificate which makes sharing of personal information very risky. However, this is not a virtual pharmacy so there is not much to worry about sharing data into the website. Also, Pharmacy and Drugs is just a source of drug information so there is not much interaction that needs to partake between the team and the customer or viewer.

Since it has also been found that the website doesn’t have too many visitors, the management needs to look into consideration promoting several marketing strategies. There are lots of online resources available for drug information such as e-books, MIMS, Lexicomp, etc. Hence, if this website will not gain popularity, people would still opt to use the more popular online Pharmacy resources. The team should invest on special rewards or gifts to attract viewers and do more advertisements. If people would like the services they provide, they would definitely recommend this to their colleagues. The team of Pharmacy and Drugs should also make sure that the drug information they provide is always updated and accurate.

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