Online RX is the network of pharmacy e-stores for people who are looking for cheap prescription and OTC medications. This is also the store to go if you are looking for different options for weight loss pills that you can get even without a prescription. Online Rx is an affiliate of network of online pharmacies that aims to give people an access to all the medicines they need.

Aside from offering different brands of weight loss pills, this internet drugstore is also known for offering other rare brands of erectile dysfunction medicines. Erectile dysfunction brands like Kamagra effervescent, Kamagra Polo, Malegra FXT Plus, Super Levitra, Viagra Extra Dosage, Cialis Professional, Viagra Soft, Super Avana, Super P Force, and Viagra Jelly are also available. This website has a wide range of available medicines that it anyone using it can consider it as a one-stop internet drugstore.

Online RX Reviews

With a wide range of medicines offered and years of being in the business, we are assuming that Online Rx has a lot of customer reviews. We are not mistaken. In fact, finding customer testimonials for this website was easy as there are plenty of reviews available.

Let us take a look at some of the customer reviews we found for Online Rx.

Online RX Customer Reviews
Online RX Customer Reviews

We picked five Online Rx customer reviews to share with our readers and these are from customers in Italy, Sweden, France, and Deutschland. What did we notice with these customer reviews for Online Rx?

  • Online Rx has a fast delivery time frame
  • Online Rx has a good team of customer service
  • Online Rx website is easy to use and easy to navigate
  • The regular shipping of Online Rx is fast and reliable
  • Online Rx sends update about orders and lets customers know where their order is/are
  • Online Rx dispenses quality medicines only

These points summarize the service that Online Rx offers to its customers. As an online buyer, we can say that these are rare qualities for an online pharmacy. Still, looking at the one million happy customers they have according to their page, we no longer have a doubt that this network of online pharmacies is indeed a good one.

Online RX Online

Ordering from Online Rx is easy. If you have an internet connection, the name of the drug you need, and your credit card, you can easily process your order and have it at your doorstep after 8 to 10 business days. Online Rx sites dispense generic and branded medicines as well as prescription drugs and over the counter drugs.

Online RX Page
Online RX Page

All orders from Online Rx are shipped in two different methods – EMS and Airmail. Their partner shipping companies are EMS Courier, United States Postal Service (USPS), and FedEx. Airmail delivery method costs $9.95 while EMS costs $19.95. If you want to save on shipping fee, order at least $200 worth of products and your order will be shipped free of charge.

Online RX replaces orders that are missed, lost or damaged free of charge if:

  • The order was missed because of courier error and you provided your correct address
  • The order got lost or undelivered for some unexplained reasons
  • The order was incomplete and it has been 3 weeks since you receive the first parcel
  • The order was damaged due to courier or transport error and it reached your home in a damaged condition

For missed or lost orders due to incorrect address provided by the customer, Online Rx won’t shoulder the reshipping fee.

Online Rx has been running for 17 years hence if you will look at their policies, terms, and conditions, you would notice that these are properly laid out in favor of both the company and their customers.

Online RX Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are combinations of letters and numbers. It is given out by stores and is used by customers in order to get an additional discount when making a purchase or order. Coupon codes for online pharmacies are often available on third-party websites. The code needs to be applied at the checkout page and it will automatically take out the discount on the final charge. Not all online pharmacies are giving coupon codes though like Online Rx. Online Rx only offers bonuses such as free pills but not a monetary discount thru coupon codes.

Deals for Online Rx
Deals for Online Rx

Online RX Phone Numbers

Contacting Online Rx for questions is not hard. They have a centralized phone number, a number that is used by all online pharmacies under this network. These phone numbers are 718 487 9792 for customers in the US and 4420 3239 7092 for customers in the UK.

Online RX Phone Numbers
Online RX Phone Numbers

Non-US and non-UK customers can reach Online Rx support team via their ‘contact us’ page. Just fill out the information needed such as your name and email address. Your email address will be used to contact you.

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

To protect you from spam emails and unwanted phone calls, Online Rx is using a system that allows them to check your IP address but not your credit card information, email address, or phone number. It is their way to ensure that your information remains private even after purchasing from them.


After carefully checking the things that this Canadian online pharmacy network offers, we can say that Online RX earned its rating of 5. We are giving it a 5 because of its long years of service, great customer reviews, affordable and quality products.

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