It is estimated that online, there are more than 35,000 online drug stores. Over 90% of these are fake. This is to let you know that it is not very easy to come across an online drugstore that will offer you quality services. However, if there is one thing that Online Pills has been known for is its ability to serve their customers well. To be clear here, Online Pills is not a pharmacy. It is actually a pharmacy network. What we mean by this is that it is made up of a collection of online medication vendor sites which resemble each other. These drug stores sites offer the same collection of meds, have the same costs and all their information including their contact details are similar.

The first page you load will offer you a glimpse of what the drug stores stock. This should let you know that their simple look does not equal what they offer to sell to you. They have a catalog that carries more than 27 medication categories. This is equivalent to hundreds of medications.

It is easy to think that all the sites which have the look indicated above are all genuine and they will offer you great services. There are scam sites carefully designed to make sure that they look like Online Pills sites. When you use random web addresses to load online pharmacies, there is a very high likelihood you might end up on one of these scam sites. The only effective way to stay safe is to use verified domain address.

Online Pills Reviews

Testimonials will never lie. They are usually left behind by people who have already ordered from a pharmacy network with the aim of making other people aware of the kind of service they will get from the drugstore. We have looked for these reviews just to make sure that you are aware of the type of services and meds you will get if you decide to order from Online Pills sites. We have found the reviews and all of them are positive. Some of them have been captured below:

Online Pills Testimonials
Online Pills Testimonials

Leeroy has been ordering from Online Pills pharmacy network for a while now. He has ordered thrice. Each of those times his order always arrived. He never had to wait for his meds for too long. The drugs inside the package were what he wanted. He managed to save himself money. He is pleased with the services offered by Online Pills.

Charles confirms that there are savings when you are shopping at Online Pills. He has already compared the Online Pills prices with those local stores offer and found that Online Pills drugstore network offers much cheaper prices. His orders always arrive together with some free pills that he never has to pay for. Jessica settled for Online Pills because she was being offered the pills she wanted at a price she could afford.

Online Pills Online

If you wish to locate a genuine online site that is actually one of the many sites operating under the Online Pills network, you have to avoid using search engines. The reason is that all the sites in the Online Pills pharmacy network are not search engine optimized. The sites which pop up on the search engine results page when you search for online pills have a very high likelihood of being run by scammers.

All the sites in the Online Pills pharmacy network have been arranged in such a way that it is extremely easy to find what you need. The search bar located above the catalog offers the buyer a chance to search for the medication he or she needs if they know the name of the medication. You can narrow your search using the search by Alphabet function. This function allows you to get a result of all the drugs which start with the letter you click.

You don’t need a prescription to get your meds from Online Pills drug stores. This is great for people who hate wasting time to get a prescription for meds they already know how to use.

Online Pills Coupon Codes

The first thing we noted is that the price per pill for all the medications in the Online Pills pharmacy network was reducing as the number of pills you order increased. In the end, the buyer ended up with a huge saving. The second saving we found was in the cart. There were shipping offers, bonus pills, and automatic discounts:

Online Pills Discounts and Offers
Online Pills Discounts and Offers

On top of the above Discounts and bonuses, the pills in the Online Pills pharmacy network were being sold at an extremely low price. If you compare the medication prices with the ones that local pharmacies offer, you will notice that Online Pills is 90% cheaper.

Online Pills Phone Numbers

Online Pills has nothing to hide from their customers. This is why you get their phone numbers on all their sites pages. They have two telephones which are as indicated below:

  • +4420 3239 7092 (UK)
  • +1 718 487 9792 (USA)

If you prefer written communication instead of talking to someone, you can easily send your email address using the contact page form integration.

Online Pills Spam and Phone Calls

If someone got spammed by Online Pills pharmacy network, there would be a record about this on the internet. After looking for a long while, we could not find any spam reports for Online Pills. This means that they never spam their clients.


When we looked at the Online Pills consumer comments, there were some common reasons which indicated why people love Online Pills. These include fast delivery, high-quality medication, low prices and the patients not needing to have a prescription for the medications. There are no negative comments on the internet for this pharmacy network. We rate it 5 stars.

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