Mysecuretabs is a pharmacy network that people have been using for more than 17 years now. The Canadian pharmacy which operates this network started it back in 2001. The store offers a wide range of medication. This is what attracts consumers in the first place. The pharmacy network ensures that people don’t have to move from one online to another drugstore in search of their meds. When we counted the number of medication categories that the network sites have, we counted 27 drug categories. Each category has a large number of meds. This translates to hundreds of drugs on a single pharmacy network.

It can be scary when you are trying to locate an online pharmacy to shop from and find yourself ending on the same website even after using different domain names. Pharmacy networks like Mysecuretabs are made of different websites which resemble each other. Their major role is to help the company running them get a lot of clients. The sites which operate genuinely under the Mysecuretabs network are all legitimate. They have already been accredited by CIPA and MIPA. CIPA and MIPA are the most prominent bodies which regulate how pharmacies based in Canada operate.

We are saying you will find the sites which operate under Mysecuretabs pharmacy network on different domains but having the same look. This is something that scammers have already taken advantage of. They create pharmacies which look like the real Mysecuretabs sites and place them on their own fake web addresses. When you use random domain addresses, there is a very high likelihood that you will end up on one of these scam sites. You will not know you are being scammed until it has already happened, your money is gone and your sensitive information is gone too. The key to staying safe is to not use random web addresses.

Mysecuretabs Reviews

It is easy to create a website and call it an online pharmacy. However, getting nice consumer comments takes work. Therefore, if an online pharmacy has managed to gather a large number of good comments, it is an achievement that should prove to you that you will also get great services from the pharmacy. The Mysecuretabs drugstore network has a large number of great comments. Here are some of them:

Mysecuretabs Drugstore Network Reviews

Samuel is happy that the pharmacy network kept him informed about the shipping progress and the shipping never took long. He has been using Mysecuretabs drugstore network for a while now. This network is both great and honest.

Sarah got service which was both courteous and fast. She appreciates this. She doesn’t hesitate to state that the kind of service she experienced is very rare nowadays. Her product was delivered without any delays. Piter is pleased with the customer service and the speedy shipment. He will be placing another order.

Mysecuretabs Online

The first thing people look at when they are considering ordering their meds on the web is how the payment will be handled. No one would like to lose his money while trying to save it. Mysecuretabs network understands this. They have invested into having a 256-bit secured site where all their payments are handled. We have not found even a single case online where a customer lost his money while paying for his meds on Mysecuretabs drugstore sites.


Mysecuretabs Home Page

Since mistakes usually do happen, Mysecuretabs pharmacy network is always willing to take responsibility for their mistakes. For example, if you end up not receiving your package, you can request for a reshipment or a refund. The reshipment will be done for free while the refund will only take a maximum of 7 days before your money is reflected on your credit card statement.

Mysecuretabs pharmacy network has made sure that their customers who live in nationalities where English is not the official language don’t suffer. They have included more than one language on their websites. They have English, Italian, Spanish, and Deutsch. Also, they have 16 currencies on their sites. Locating your medications on the Mysecuretabs sites is very easy. They have a search bar located directly above the catalog and a search by letter function. Even if you are new to shopping for meds online, you will have the ability to do this on any of the Mysecuretabs drugstore sites.

Mysecuretabs Coupon Codes

Although we could not locate coupon codes for Mysecuretabs pharmacy network sites on third-party coupon sites, we found one on the official site. The coupon is as indicated below:

Mysecuretabs Coupon Code

By using the coupon IT-4752 at checkout, the price you were supposed to pay for your meds will be reduced by 10%. If your meds are worth more than 200 dollars, you will not even need to use the coupon code. A 10% discount is automatically applied to your order. In the shopping cart, you get free bonus pills. You get free shipping when you buy drugs worth 200 dollars.

Mysecuretabs Phone Numbers

To reach Mysecuretabs pharmacy network customer support department you will need to use either an email or a call. To send an email, you will need to use the form integration available on the pharmacy sites contact page. To call, use either +1 718 487 9792 or +4420 3239 7092.

Mysecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

When you are using Mysecuretabs pharmacy network, you will never receive a spam email or phone call. The pharmacy network respects their clients’ privacy. They don’t misuse the contact details you leave at checkout. They will only email you details related to your order.


Mysecuretabs pharmacy network has a large number of consumer feedback. There is none that is positive. The consumers are praising the pharmacy network for shipping the medications quickly, offering them good prices, and selling high-quality medications. The drug stores are easy for anyone to use. Even if you have never shopped online before, when you open one of the Mysecuretabs pharmacy sites, everything is straightforward. For all these reasons, we rate Mysecuretabs 5 stars.



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