is an online pharmacy started in 1997, selling high quality branded and generic medicines. The drugstore only sells the best quality medicines from FDA approved manufacturers and pharmacists. It is certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association. Likewise, the licensed pharmacies within the network of are verified by Pharmacy Checker. They offer a wide variety of drugs including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Moreover, the pharmacy sells drugs for allergies, antifungal, antivirals, antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, heart disease medications, muscle relaxants, and birth control pills among others. The prices are very cheap. One tablet of generic Viagra only costs $0.57 USD.

The pharmacy accepts payments through Visa or MasterCard. A prescription is not required upon ordering. The drugstore suggests that the customer seeks the assistance of a medical practitioner before prescribing drugs online. Currently, offers two shipping method; via Airmail and EMS Courier Delivery. Airmail costs $9.95 USD and will take around 2-3 weeks of shipping. On the other hand, EMS Courier Delivery costs$19.95 USD and delivery is between 3-8 days. If the amount of order placed reached $200 USD and above, shipping fee shall be waived. Parcels are delivered as a gift, with no personal information about the customer and the names of the drugs inside to protect the confidentiality of the patient.

Following international rules and regulations, returns are not allowed by Instead, if the delivered packaged was defective or damaged, the pharmacy will only offer re-shipping with no additional charges.

Customer support specialists could be reached through their toll-free hotlines or you may drop an e-mail at their website. Response lead time was not mentioned on their website. Reviews

Several customer feedbacks were gathered to validate the efficiency of service and quality of products provided by Feedback Feedback

Simona from the USA said that “everything was ok”. Her delivery was on time.

Kaiman, a customer from the United Kingdom, said that the whole process was good. It was “easy to place an order and promptly processed”.

Smith S. from the United Kingdom was very pleased with his “great experience” with the pharmacy.

Dorothy commended the pharmacy for having “good prices and great value for money”. She was satisfied with how her queries were efficiently attended.

The good reviews from the shop indicate a general liking by the customers to the store. Most online pharmacies do not have reviews, so this shop having excellent reviews from its past customers is a good sign. Reviews 2017

Reviews for My Pills Box were still positive. Although the store is already more than a decade old, the shop still had good reports from its clients. Buyers still thanked the store for its excellent service and for the affordable products available in the shop.

Samuel, a consistent buyer from France, liked how the pharmacy provides speedy delivery and keeps the customer updated regarding the status of their parcels.

Sarah from Spain said that the pharmacy provided “fast and courteous service”. Her delivery arrived on time and the quality of the product was good.

Piter from Italy also had the same experience of having good customer service and timely delivery.

Lastly, Barbara from Sweden said that she is “100% satisfied”. Her parcel arrived sooner from what she expected. Feedback 2017 Feedback 2017

Consumers still wanted to order from the shop and openly declared their intent to reorder on their comments. Coupon Codes

Aside from the cheap and affordable price, also offers special promotions on their website. Discount Offers Discount Offers

First, shipping fee shall be waived if the amount of order placed reached $200 USD and above. Second, free pill shall be given for every order approved. However, I cannot find any further details on the quantity of order required to qualify for the free pills given. Lastly, with over 1 Million customers, they commit to having quality, private, secured, and lowest prices on the web relative to the other online pharmacies in the market.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy selling high quality branded and generic drugs. The drugstore was built in 1997 and since then, it has been one of the leading drugstores in the market. All the medications sold in the pharmacy were FDA approved. Prices were competitive and they offered reasonable promotions for the customer.

I am giving this online drugstore 5 out of 5 stars since it has certifications from various drug organizations and had reliable reviews from its consumers. The pharmacy is very competitive in terms of pricing, shipping, and special deals, hence its popularity amongst buyers. Because of all the good points I saw for the store, I find the shop highly recommendable and safe to use by the consumers. If you want good deals, try out My Pills Box for your generic product needs!

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