With the life expectancy increasing every year, it’s only normal that people start to worry about age-related diseases and prevention of such. My-LifeSpan.com is a pharmacy that specializes in catering all sort of anti-aging meds. The team of My-Life Span has more than 20 years of expertise and works tightly together with the specialists around the world to ensure clients will access the most advanced products. The pharmacy ships from London to every country in the world.

My-LifeSpan calls anti-aging drugs to typical drugs we are used to seeing around, including meds to treat sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. Other best-selling products include Metformin, Milgamma, and Isoprinosine. Ordering is very easy: I just need to select my med from the wide list of medicines, send a valid prescription, and proceed to checkout. The company claims to be able to supply every drug I need, even if it isn’t listed on the website.

As I’m trying to find economical surrogate pharmacies to get my meds, I immediately looked for the cost of generic Viagra. A box of 8 tablets (100mg) is sold at $35.00, at a standard rate of $4.75 per tablet. The company has a long list of notes concerning the shipping policy for each country, easily access in its “shipping page”. As for actual deliveries, meds shipped to the UK or any European country typically takes up to 4-7 days, whereas USA customers can expect to get their meds within 8-12 days. Other countries usually receive their meds in 17 days. Nothing concerning the shipping fee was mentioned.

As for buyer’s protection, My-Life Span is far away from being helpful. According to the company’s policy, no full refunds are given. If my package gets lost or damaged, the company will simply reship the meds or give me a partial refund.

Any extra questions can be addressed via e-mail or calling to +44808 189 0019. My-lifespan.com provides a live chat on the website but, sadly, it was offline both times I tried to reach out.

My-lifespan.com Reviews

The only way I can be completely sure a pharmacy is trustworthy and safe is if the drugstore has available customer reviews to prove it. Thus without them, I cannot verify the pharmacy’s legitimacy. Finding online reviews or My-lifespan.com was particularly hard. Perhaps the number of individuals looking for anti-aging meds isn’t high, making My Life Span an unpopular store.

From the very few feedbacks I was able to gather, the feedback was not shockingly positive. Haskell received her first order in the “advertised time frame” and is quite happy with her “legit” meds. She’s pleased with the “followup calls” made by My Life Span to verify if everything was in order.

Robert got his meds delivered to the USA in a very “secure and anonymous” package. Robert recommends using My-Life Span as he believes it’s a “great site”.

My-lifespan.com Testimonials
My-lifespan.com Testimonials

As much as I’d like to believe in these feedbacks, I presuppose they aren’t real. Not a single review exists on an independent website. The ones I presented you above are posted in My-Life Span’s official website. Typically, this kind of reviews are controlled by the store to such a degree they can be manipulated to draw a client’s attention. These are unverified orders, so I’m skipping them.

My-lifespan.com Reviews 2016

Facing the uncertainty of My-lifespan.com legitimacy and trustworthiness, I have no other option than checking the pharmacy’ security status on scam analyzers. If no other client can verify the safeness of a store, these websites definitely can.

My-Life Span is categorized as a low trust site by Scam Adviser, mainly because it involves a high-risk country. Based on its domain, My-Life Span is likely to be located either in China or in the United States. Moreover, a dangerous malware was discovered here.

My-lifespan.com Trust Rating
My-lifespan.com Trust Rating

I have to verify if this is an isolated evaluation. Sadly, it is not. My-Lifespan.com is highly unrecommended by Scamner as well. As I thought, My-Life Span doesn’t have many visitors as Scamner verified by its traffic. The store gets a 0% trust score; thus, consumers are advised not to buy from this website at all.

I am not surprised. The evidence is telling me that this is not the store for me.

My-lifespan.com Safety Information
My-lifespan.com Safety Information

My-lifespan.com Coupon Codes

My-lifespan.com is not advertising any discounts or coupon codes. I don’t know if the store did it in the past but currently, I don’t have any other saving method offered by My-Life Span.

It’s beyond me how a store is not using sales tactics like discounts to attract more customers. If a store is young and seems reasonable, I will risk only if the pharmacy is pursuing me to buy from them. Discounts for first orders, or seasonal discounts, or even free samples are always a great way to draw more people into trying out the store.


For a pharmacy that has been in business for more than 20 years, My-lifespan.com has sure been stuck in time. My-Life Span has one of those sites that judging solely by the looks of it, you wouldn’t ever buy anything from them.

I cannot rely upon on My-Life Span’s legitimacy as I have no proofs of its service. Without reliable and confirmed feedbacks from previous clients, I won’t take a chance. Besides, the poor reputation this online pharmacy has among scam analyzing tools is the main factor. The store is likely a scam and should not be trusted. Therefore, I am putting My-Life Span in the list of non-reliable e-pharmacies.

To conclude, this unrecommended China-based e-pharmacy gets a 1/5.

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