is up for a review today. Rather curious as to how online pharmacies work, I was browsing a few online pharmacies and came across this site. Generic4allofficial had some decent photos of happy couples next to the products on offer. The prices are well publicized and there are very many categories of drugs for all. First and foremost, it is an online pharmacy but it has not specified where it could be located. In terms of location, I mean where they would have offices or servers. There are no specific details about the year of the establishment so that raises some red flags. A trustworthy business is normally open about such details.

There are numerous categories of the drugs that the offers on the left-hand side of the screen. The drugs range from skincare, smoking (quitting drugs), Men’s health, Antibiotics, Women’s health, Birth Control and many others. There is a variety of ED drugs on offer by the website and some of the well-known brands and their generic equivalents include: Genric Viagra at $4.90 per pill, Brand Viagra at $10.90 per pill, Generic Cialis at $5.40 per pill, Branded Cialis at $16.13 per pill, Generic Levitra at $5.90 per pill among others.

A good business is as good as its customer care. There are two phone numbers that you can use to contact customer service, one is based in the US +1 877-778-3153 and another in the UK given as +44 808-280-0713. The live chat feature of the website is not responsive and gave me an error when I tried to use it. The contact page is also not responsive. As for the shipment aspect, you require opening an account to order from and to get payment modes as well which vary according to location.

Generic4all Official utilizes express shipping to ship its orders and this takes 2-14 days to arrive at the customer’s location. If the entire order can’t be handled by express shipping, the rest of the order comes in through standard shipment. The refund policy of Generic4all Official is that there are no refunds for mere lack of satisfaction. It only applies when the goods do not arrive at the customer’s address or if they arrive damaged. Reviews

As usual, before I make any purchases on online stores, I have to look at what preceding customers had to say about their interaction with the stores. It was no different with As much as online reviews are important, I don’t really trust customer testimonials on the site from which I want to make purchases. I didn’t find any reviews on the site regardless and as always, I went looking at other independent review sites.

There are no customer reviews and this could be partly attributed to the fact that the website claims to be new to the market. I don’t really buy that but the lack of reviews could be a testament to that.

The lack of reviews, which are evidence of authenticity prompted me to conclude that I can’t trust and would naturally not place any order on the site. I would advise anyone seeking to buy ED pills or other drugs to look elsewhere. Reviews 2016

As my curiosity wasn’t quenched by the lack of customer reviews, I sought to have a look at site reviews from website background checkers. I chose to use and has a 12% rating of which is pretty low and is contributed to by a couple of factors. Safety Information Safety Information

Generic4All Official doesn’t have many visitors. Interestingly, has been around for more than three years. This came to me as a surprise based on the fact that the website claims to be newly launched. The domain uses a free email service as well which proves the lack of professionalism of the website. doesn’t have any trust records which is usually the case with new websites. I can’t trust a website that claims to be new only to find out that it has been around for a couple of years. Another red flag and an indication that it is a scam. Trust Rating Trust Rating unearths that the site purports to be based in the USA but could actually have its roots in Barbados. There are very few site visits and therefore it is not advisable to order anything from it. Coupon Codes

As is commonplace with many online businesses in an aggressively competitive environment, t has some juicy offers to its clients. Generic4all Official offers package delivery insurance for all its orders. In addition to that, it has a 10 percent discount on reorders. Dicsount Offers Dicsount Offers

This means that if you buy from them if you are happy and buy again, they will offer you a discount as long as you prove that you have done business with them before. They also offer free shipping worldwide.


There isn’t much evidence available on the internet to convince me that is an authentic business. There is more evidence pointing to it being a scam more than an authentic business. One of the hallmarks of a scam website is the lack of clear details pertaining to location. Despite it suggesting to be based in the USA, Generic4all Official is actually based in Barbados. The absence of reviews to indicate what customers have experienced while doing business with Generic4all Official is also another red flag. The live chat feature is unresponsive and returns an error when I tried to contact the customer care agent who was apparently, live.

Generic4all Official openly indicates that it is a new site but on further inspection, I established that it has been around for a while and has very low number of visitors. All these factors play into the conclusion that Generic4all Official is a scam. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give 1 star.

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