Although the name says, I cannot really say that this online pharmacy is Europe-based. After checking the website and its FAQ section, I had not found any indication that it is indeed in Europe or operating in Europe.

One thing that caught my attention while checking is the “best deal” banner that pops up on its main page. The deal is about their bestseller ED drugs, Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. On the right side of their page is a list of products for specific conditions. It only shows that this online pharmacy has a lot to offer. From ED drugs to Skin Care products, men and women’s health products and weight loss products, got it all.

Since I am looking for an ED drug, I checked the price they have for Viagra and Cialis. A generic Viagra pill costs $0.89. A generic Cialis pill costs $1.53 while generic Levitra costs $1.81. According to their website, can offer affordable, high-quality drugs because they are dealing directly with manufacturers. With no middle tiers to pay off, the store can sell their drugs at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing their return of investment.

The explanation of about their low price is satisfactory hence I went ahead and checked if their products are safe and FDA-approved. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any information about this. In addition, there is no information about the manufacturers of the medicines they are selling. With non-FDA approved medicines to sell, doesn’t require a prescription as well upon ordering.

From their FAQ section, I found out that ordering can be easy since this online pharmacy accepts major credit cards. For customer’s privacy and security, the website is using 228-bit SSL encryption on their server. This will surely convince me to use my card because it means “your credit card information is safe”.

At, orders are shipped in two methods. Customers can opt for regular airmail shipping for $14.95. Express shipping is the second method and it cost $29.95. Verified orders are shipped once the payment is verified. It normally takes two days for this process to complete. When will you receive your order? That is also my question and I cannot find any answer from the website or their FAQ section! I will probably have to contact their support team for this.

What if your order didn’t arrive? Their FAQ section says that you should check with your local postal service first before contacting their support team. For concerns, you can call their US number @ +1 (888) 854 6528 or their UK number @ +44 28 8601 0806. You can also go to their “contact us” page which I did to ask about their delivery time. Support Form Support Form

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to send my message and keep on getting this error: Message sending failed. Without luck, I went ahead and checked other information about Reviews

Customer reviews or feedback are among my basis if an online shop is safe and secure. For my Viagra prescription refill, I want to order it from the cheapest online store, provided that it is real. I believe that one way to check the legitimacy of online pharmacies is through their previous customers. Sadly, didn’t have any happy or angry customers who want to share their experience with

Since they do not have a testimonial page on their own site, I tried to google available reviews for Regrettably, not a single review can be found for from third party websites. Reviews 2016

With no reviews to base my judgment about, I went ahead and check the site’s status in shows that this online pharmacy is currently under the status of “Rogue”. It means that didn’t meet the standards (set by for a website to become legit. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

In addition, the description of is equivalent to “Rogue” status that gives to websites they are evaluating. It simply means untrustworthy and unsafe.

A further check on shows that could be located in Netherlands or China. It also has low trust rating and visitors are advised to beware because this is “not a safe site”. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The result from shows that it is 0% safe to use and that it only has very few visitors. With so many red flags, I am starting to move away from Coupon Codes

Currently, is giving big discounts to customers with bulk orders. A customer that orders 60 pieces of Viagra pills for $3.23 per pill can get it a discount of up to $58 with free registered airmail for delivery. If a customer opts to buy 90 pieces of Viagra pills, the price is now at $2.97. For 120 pieces of Viagra pills, customers can now get it for $2.61 per pill with free express courier delivery. This means a saving of up to $190. Viagra Prices Viagra Prices

For someone like me who always get a month’s worth of refill, I would say that this is a good deal. Imagine getting up to $192 discount plus free shipping? But then, I don’t think I can trust about the drugs that I will be receiving since they are not saying if these are FDA approved medicines.

Conclusion has a website that clearly shows what they sell – cheap generic medicines. They also have a ‘FAQ section’ and a ‘contact section’. The FAQ section though is incomplete with a lot of information missing such as the length of delivery time, the location of this online pharmacy and information about the drugs they are selling. Also, the Contact Us page is not working (see screenshot above).

In addition to its lacking website, I also find the result of and alarming. The worst thing for me is the fact that they do not have any customer feedback or review. With these doubtful things, I am giving 1 out of 5 stars.

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