Drugsrxguide.biz is an online pharmaceutical business which I discovered as part of my efforts to bookmark yet another credible online seller. This seller, in its “About Us” menu, states its desire to link customers with reputable suppliers of generic and branded medicines. That menu also talks about the pharmacy’s ability to provide said medicines at reasonable and occasionally the lowest prices. This store opened 6 years ago.

The first thing I inquired about afterward was if drugsrxguide.biz had a policy that compels its customers to obtain a prescription from their doctors in order to process their orders. To get the answer, I clicked on FAQ. I found a pretty straightforward answer saying prescriptions aren’t compulsory for ordering anything on the store.

I then searched for the different kinds of medicines one could order from the store. The list of categories to the left of the “Bestsellers” list provided insight. Medications for asthma, cancer, viral infections, bacterial infections, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, Hepatitis C, allergic reactions, and HIV are available. The “Bestsellers” collection is dominated by ED drugs.

Drugsrxguide.biz did well to include generic Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil alongside the more popular brand name formulations in its collection of ED medications. So, I saw that 48 pills of 100mg Viagra (brand) cost $312.48. That’s $6.51 per pill. 24 tabs of Cialis cost $155.28. That’s $6.47 per pill. Credit Cards such as Diners club, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, and Visa are valid for making payments. E-Checks too. The “Policy” tab gave the assurance that orders will ship 1-2 business days following placement.

The registered airmail option delivers drugs in 14-21 days and EMS does that in 5-9 days. Returns and subsequent refunds are permitted before a deadline. I left to get customer service on the line but couldn’t reach them.

Drugsrxguide.biz Reviews

I then found my way to the “Testimonials” page to see what I could learn regarding the reputation of this pharmacy guide. The four reviews you can see below reflect, as does the majority of available reviews on the website, an appealing and trustworthy image.

Drugsrxguide.biz Testimonials
Drugsrxguide.biz Testimonials

Peter Hans indicated that he was satisfied with the “quality of products and service”. He was able to use the live chat and was pleased to obtain helpful information. “My order arrived in a matter of days” he explains, adding that the drugs delivered were “exactly the same as I saw on the site”.

Brandon Van Belle from Belgium had a transaction he made on the site for his order declined. He said he attempted to contact customer support via live chat but when that failed to provide him with the answers he needed, he called them on the phone. He was sure nothing was wrong with his credit card. The agent confirmed that and gave recommendations.

Michael Been who lives in London marveled at the “amazingly low prices”. Additionally, he advised undecided customers to make it their go-to store so they don’t get ripped on another store. He cited his successful and timely transactions on two occasions to buttress his point.

Roberto Revillon was thankful and appreciative of the “very qualified and comprehensive support” he received while shopping on drugsrxguide.biz. His uncertainty about the status of his order was treated satisfactorily. I was pleased to find reviews. That pleasure evaporated when I discovered these testimonials produced in their entirety on duplicate websites. I smelled a con.

Drugsrxguide.biz Reviews 2016

I wanted to know if there were separate reviews existing on a neutral site like, for example, a pharmacy profiler. There were none available which meant I was left with no other choice but the online fraud experts, Scamadviser and Scamner.

Drugsrxguide.biz Safety Level
Drugsrxguide.biz Safety Level

Scamner’s scam fighting wizard displayed the report you see above after I entered drugsrxguide.biz. It gives this store a rock-bottom rating of 0% and accuses it of hiding its personal/company details. I also saw remarks saying the website has been reported as an online scam and for selling illegal content. It’s unclear what report is referenced.

Drugsrxguide.biz Location is Being Hidden
Drugsrxguide.biz Location is Being Hidden

The check I ran on scamadviser.com agreed with Scamner’s findings of the site’s unpopularity and the secrecy of the location. But it produced a generally positive review which revealed that the site is hosted on a US server. It also agreed that the site has been listed as a rogue pharmacy but didn’t give it a weak trust rating. Rather, it reckons the site’s safety is above average, assigning it a grade of 68%. Only a small chance of risk.

These two reports didn’t give me the consensus I was looking for. I’d much rather shop at a store with a corroborated reputation not one with dubious reviews.

Drugsrxguide.biz Coupon Codes

To its credit, there is no controversy about drugsrxguide.biz’s take on marketing their products. They appear to be fully aware of what it takes to be competitive in the online medicine marketplace. That is why the pharmacy includes ten free ED pills for requests of up to 120 pills. Above and beyond that, every first transaction qualifies new customers for a 10% discount on the following order. The inclusion of what the store has dubbed “Trial Packs” of ED meds starts at 180 pills. Buying 270 pills and above gets you free standard airmail service in addition. Great discounts in the absence of coupon codes.

Drugsrxguide.biz Prices
Drugsrxguide.biz Prices

That’s no different from what is available on equivalent websites. Generally a speaking, I think it’s always good to see such discounts.


My time on the website made me learn a lot about drugsrxguide.biz. I now know that its country of origin is being hidden with the aid of a service although the pharmacy website is hosted on a US server. That has been the case in the six years since it joined the online pharmacy marketplace. I know the value of credible customer assessments and so, on drugsrxguide.biz I made it a point to look for any available reviews. I found favorable user reviews but got to discover later on that the reviews may have been doctored. All four of the user accounts I highlighted above reside on another website running a similar business. It sure looks like a con to me, although Scamner and Scamadviser weren’t in agreement on the safety and credibility of the store. The pharmacy guide has FDA-approved Viagra and Cialis on the stored and a compelling number and variety of discounts. Rogue pharmacy or not I like that I have other options to choose from on the Internet. I rate drugsrxguide.biz 1 out of 4 stars.

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