Cheap RX is an online pharmacies network comprising of several websites that would be difficult to differentiate due to the similarity in their homepage. The drugs that are purchased at any of these websites are the same and the cost at which the drugs will be purchased is also the same.

Though customers may be unable to tell the difference between the various websites, there is no need to fear to buy from them as they are all legitimate sites that have served millions of customers for the three decades they have been in operation. The drugs sold have been approved by the FDA and other health bodies that are responsible for checking the quality of the medications sold in both local and online pharmacies.

During the processing of the orders, a customer should not be afraid of submitting their private details since the connections are secure and no outsider will be able to access it. Some of these websites are,, and They have a reliable customer service team that is always ready to attend to any issue that may arise in the course of processing the orders. A licensed pharmacist can also be reached at any time and he is also responsible for ensuring that the correct drugs are dispensed at all times.

Customers should apply caution whenever they spot an online pharmacy that has a homepage similar to Cheap RX. This is because some of the rogue online pharmacies may use a homepage that is similar to Cheap RX in an attempt to convince people to buy from them. Always conduct a background search before you decide to purchase from such a pharmacy.

Cheap RX Reviews

Cheap RX has received a lot of positive reviews from customers who have had a chance to buy drugs from them. One of these customers is Sarah from Spain who says that the services are very fast and efficient. She says that such kind of services is not easy to find in these times and Cheap Rx stands out in this regard. Sarah is also grateful to the network for selling high-quality medications and also appreciated the manufacturers who made the drugs.

After placing her order, Barbara from Sweden was pleased with the shipping process and the great customer service at the network and she says that her satisfaction is 100%. Another customer by the name Jacob says that the customer service is very helpful and fast as well. He was too tied up to place his order and he requested one of the customer service representatives to place the order on his behalf. He says that they were not only fast in processing the order, they also ensured that the delivery was done as fast as possible. Alex also agrees with Jacob and he says that the reason why he likes Cheap RX is that they will keep their customers updated, send the orders fast and also have a wide variety of drugs that their customers will be able to choose from.

Cheap RX Reviews from Customers
Cheap RX Reviews from Customers

Customers should not be afraid to purchase drugs from the network because of the long time that other online pharmacies take in delivering their orders. Customers who have purchased drugs in the past have testified that the delivery of drugs by Cheap RX is quite fast and efficient and you can, therefore, shop confidently knowing that there will be no unnecessary delays.

Cheap RX Online

From 1997, Cheap RX has been a reliable source of effective medications to people from all over the world. The stringent measures that have been put in place ensure that only the best drugs are stocked by every website that is affiliated with the network.

To ensure that they will be able to attend to as many customers as possible, Cheap RX operates through several websites which include:

Online RX Homepage
Online RX Homepage

When you get to any of the websites linked to the network, you will not have a hard time looking for the medications you wish to buy. There is a search box that is provided in which you will write the name of the medications and if it is in stock, you will be able to view a detailed description including how much it will cost to buy the medications. A prescription will not be required to buy the medications which make it very easy to buy medications even when one does not have the time to go for a prescription from a doctor.

Cheap RX advises their customers to buy their medications responsibly so that they will not have to suffer from severe complications out of the use of wrong medications. One should seek the opinion of a medical doctor so that he will know the right doses according to the severity of his complication. With such measures in place, there will be no abuse of drugs that have been purchased from the network.

Cheap RX Coupon Codes

Cheap RX is keen on helping their customers to pay the lowest possible price for their medications by providing great discounts. If you look at the shopping cart below, you will notice that the drugs will be shipped free of charge as the cost is over $200. A 10% discount will also be deducted from the cost of the medications which will bring the cost of the medications down as well.

Photo of a Shopping Cart
Photo of a Shopping Cart

Cheap RX Phone Numbers

Below are the contact details that will be used whenever a customer wishes to talk to a customer service representative:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

If you wish to leave a written message, there is a contact form that can be used. You will type the message you wish to pass across and leave your email address through which a response will be sent.

Cheap RX Spam and Phone Calls

There is no record where a customer has complained of being sent spam messages or receiving unwanted calls from Cheap RX.


Cheap RX online network is a reliable source of high-quality drugs that are sold at affordable prices. All the customers who have been buying from the network have given a positive feedback in regards to the prices, shipping process, and the customer service that is offered at the network and as a result, we will give the network a 5* rating.

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