Cheap Pills network of online pharmacies is a business that is 17 years of age. This internet drugstore has been serving its customers with generic medications from professional and trusted pharmaceutical companies in and out of Canada. Its main supplier of medicines is Indian pharmaceutical companies.

The list of product offered by Cheap Pills is one of the largest in the web. They also offer some of the cheapest medicines such as $0.27 per tablet generic Viagra and $0.68 per tablet generic Cialis. Amoxil is sold by this store for $0.39 per pill and $0.40 for a tablet of Zithromax. All medicines offered by Cheap Pills are FDA approved and Indian FDA licensed for distribution.

Cheap Pills Reviews

There are different kinds of customer reviews. There are reviews that are aimed promote the e-store they used, some reviews just want to share their worst or great experiences, while some just want to tell the world that they used the said store. For online pharmacies, you can normally find customer reviews that aim to influence other people. They want to share how their chosen internet drugstore has changed their lives and they want other people to learn about it. As online buyers, this is the kind of online pharmacy review that we want to see. After searching and reading some of the reviews for Cheap Pills, we think we found an internet dispensary just the way we wanted it to be.

Cheap Pills Reviews
Cheap Pills Reviews

Here are some of the interesting and empowering reviews that we found for Cheap Pills. The first one was shared by Alex of France. His positive feedback to Cheap Pills was due to the great product selection that they have and the fast delivery that he experienced.

Mark of Deutschland said that he received his order after 10 days which was great because they didn’t have any customs issues. Mark also tried and tested the product he received and was happy with its effect.

As for Andy, he gives this online pharmacy network a ‘good job’ rating because of their quick service. The last review that we found was from Germany. Erica agree with this website – they have cheap and quality pills to offer.

These customer reviews shared by Cheap Pills customers are very natural. They are not promoting the website. They are introducing it to people who might not hear of it yet. With such great reviews, no wonder this internet pharmacy lasted for 17 years.

Cheap Pills Online

If you are looking for pain relief or erectile dysfunction medications, Cheap Pills is the best place for you. Cheap Pills has more than 20 brands of pain relief medications. They have generic and branded pain drugs. It consists of over the counter medicines and Rx medicines. If you need an Rx medicine, Cheap Pills can send it to you even if you do not have a prescription yet.

Cheap Pills Online Page
Cheap Pills Online Page

The cheapest pain relief medication that you can find from Cheap Pills is Voveran SR for $0.17 per tablet. You can also find Tegretol and Toradol for less than a $1 per pill. Most of the pain relief brands they offer costs less than a $1 per tablets such as Voltaren, Pletal, Ponstel, Lioresal, Azulfidine, Colospa, Elavil, and Phenergan. Most of the medicines come with an Indian name and this is because these are mostly from India.

Aside from pain relief drugs, Cheap Pills also offer other medicines such as erectile dysfunction drugs, weight loss pills, hair loss pills, antismoking pills, skin care products, drugs to treat viral infections, allergies treatment and drugs for depression and anxiety.

All medicines are shipped internationally and are delivered thru EMS and Airmail Shipping. EMS delivery costs $20 and Airmail Shipping costs $10. If you think you can wait for up to three weeks, you can have Airmail Shipping. For a faster delivery, opt for EMS Courier and get your order within 5-8 business days. All orders are processed with a credit card payment.

Cheap Pills Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are giveaway discounts. It aims to provide customers more savings. It is also a way for stores to entice them into buying. Cheap Pills is not offering any coupon codes at the moment though. The only thing that Cheap Pills offer are:

  • Low-priced medicines
  • Fast delivery
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Money back guarantee

In addition, they are also giving away bonus pills on all orders.

Deals Offered by Cheap Pills
Deals Offered by Cheap Pills

Cheap Pills Phone Numbers

Contacting a store before ordering from them is normal. Contacting them again after you processed an order because of some issues is also normal. This means that in order to have a smooth transaction, we need a contact information that we can use. Cheap Pills understand this hence they provided two phone numbers that their customers can use.

Cheap Pills Phone Numbers
Cheap Pills Phone Numbers

Cheap Pills customers can contact them at 4420 3239 7092 and 718 487 9792. They can also contact them via their ‘contact us’ page.

Cheap Pills Spam and Phone Calls

To honor their promise that they will protect their customers’ information, Cheap Pills is using a secure setting on their website that kept them from saving customer information such as email address and phone numbers. If you receive spam emails or spam calls that claim that they are from Cheap Pills, please disregard it because Cheap Pills does not practice such.


For the wide selection of products available on their website, the policy against spam emails and calls, and their positive feedback from their customers for the last 17 years, we believe that this network of online pharmacy deserves a rating of 5. We are giving Cheap Pills a 5-star rating.

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